Botebo means depth and that starts from the richness of our soil to the brilliance in colour of our grapes, which ultimately is captured in the vividness of our variety of wines.

In our wine, there’s truth and knowledge.


About the Farm

Botebo Farming is situated in Jacobsdal, Xhariep District in the Free State, approximately 40km South of Kimberley.


Botebo Farming (Pty) Ltd, is a 48 hectares farm. It is owned and managed by a woman, Tebogo Ditsebe. There is 18 hectares of vineyard under cultivation with different cultivars. Namely: White Muscadel, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Willard Blanc, Merlot, Columbar, Touriga National, Souza, and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Botebo Farming’s grapes are grown in harmony with nature and environmental friendly practices are utilized. We strive to produce healthy and good quality grapes that meet the requirements of our customers.

Our harvesting starts with white cultivars from the middle of January until the end February. The red cultivars are ready for harvesting by mid March.



Jacobsdal receives about 265mm of rain per year, most rainfall occurs during



Botebo Farming is characterized by a sloppy topography with altitude variation shown by the contour lines on the farm map.



The soil is characterized by stony red and lime soil good for wine grape cultivars. Drip irrigation used minimizes soil run offs.



Canal Systems are used for flood irrigation that works with gravitational for quantity of water pumped from the river is measured by a collection of meter on the pumps and by applying a formula to ascertain the water usage.


The farm uses water sourced from the Rietrivier water scheme sourced from Van der Kloof Dam that ensures constant supply of water which is then channeled through the canal system to the farm.

Drip irrigation is controlled from the pump station.



It is of profound importance to ensure quality and sustainable production of wine grapes.  People development is also of importance and all employees will benefit from training and skills transfer.



Botebo Farming plays a role in job creation and intends to invest in the small surrounding community through education and health enrichment programmes.


Environmental Policy

Farming and producing grapes in an environmental responsible manner.

Meeting the requirements of international, national and provincial environmental legislation.